What age are Online Sessions for?

We offer Artzania Classes for ages 1-11 years. Check our toddler and after school clubs for specific age ranges.

When are the session times?

Toddler Club:             Tuesday & Friday - 11:00am-12:00pm

After-school Club:       Tuesday & Friday - 4pm-5pm;  Saturday - 10am -11am

What happens after I book a session?

Upon booking online, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for your secure Zoom session, with login details. Full material lists for each class project will be provided well in advance. This will involve information on where to acquire the material from.

What is the class size? 

We cater for a maximum of 20 children (Toddler and After School)

How long is the session for?

Session length: 1 hour

How do I pay for the session?

We accept payment by debit, credit card and PayPal via our web site. 

Do Online Sessions have live instruction?

Yes! You will receive a session Zoom link upon booking to log in at each class time. Yes! You will receive a Zoom link upon booking to log in at each class time and our Artzania Coordinators will be giving live presentations on the activity.

Are each Session a different activity?

Yes! Each session you book at Artzania will be a different activity run by a designated staff member.

Can I do an Online Session if I'm not local to UK?

Yes! Please note that all our class times are listed as per the UK time.

What types of activities can I expect?

Artzania kids (Toddler and After-school) will have a wide range of art and crafts activities, including but not limited to painting, drawing collaging, puppet making, beading, and so much more.

Will also provide a full supply list to make sure you know what you need before each class.

Are the sessions recorded?

For privacy reasons, we do not record our sessions.

We monitor each and every session we provide to ensure the safety and security of the participants and staff.

How much are Online Sessions?

Toddler Club - £5/ per session/ per child  (Additional materials not included)

After-School Club - £7.50/per session/ per child  (Additional materials not included)

What if I miss a session?

We do not offer makeups or credits for missed classes. For extenuating circumstances or special cases, please feel free to email

What if a session is cancelled?

In the event of a session being cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, credit coupons will be issued to all booking parties to be used for the next booked session.

*Parents must accompany their toddler(s) for the duration of the session.

*After school club, we encourage independent learning, therefore parents ideally should not accompany the child. Their assistance may be required should the child need it.

*Cost of materials is not included in enrolment, you will need to purchase and acquire all materials before class.
*Full session booking is required.
*Booking is per artist, even if artists are sharing a screen.