Over the years Artzania has grown from being an art and craft activity club operating with a Montessori ethos and designed within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to support the areas of learning and development.

The staff that has been a part of the Artzania family are fully qualified for the tasks at hand.

Artzania is now offering online tuitions from Key Stage 1 to A level.

Artzania Advanced Education Programme offers the following to its students and their parents:  

  • The discussion method 

  • The demonstration lessons. 

  • Lecture method. 

  • Buzz groups. 

  • Brainstorming. 

  • Role plays. 

Class structure:

  • One to one 

  • Small Group (up to 5 students) 

  • Large Group (6 or more students) 

Duration of the session:

  • 45 minutes 

Online tools available for students: 

  • Interactive Online Sessions 

  • Session Recording (upon parent request)

  • Student Assessment 

  • Student Progress Tracker 

  • Student Performance Tracking for Parents