What are linear A-levels?

AS-levels and A-levels education has been ‘decoupled’, which means your overall A-level grades now depend solely on exams you take at the end of your second year.

Previously, marks that you achieved for a subject in your AS year could be ‘banked’ and carried over, to contribute to your A-level grade. For those who aren’t keen on exams, sadly this is no longer the case.

What is an AS-level?

This simply refers to the first year of a full A-level. 

You can study a subject for one year and achieve an AS-level qualification that’s independent from those subjects you carry on with to the full A-level. Most students take this ‘extra’ AS-level in their first year, so they can focus 100% on their A-levels in their second year.

When you decide to continue an AS subject into your A2 year, you’re pursuing it further for the full A-level qualification.

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